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myndset K.K. is a boutique recruitment consultancy firm focusing on recruitment solutions for foreign capital companies in Japan.
Our size allows us to offer a personal insight, knowledge and service to both Employers and Candidates which in turn ensures quality matches.

Integrity and honesty are core values for us and ensure that we can provide realistic advice, career counseling and coaching to both Employers
and job seeking Candidates. We offer a comprehensive all inclusive service including follow-ups which in turn offers higher certainty of
successful matches for both Employers and employees.




Why us?

Why us?

With our experience, network and our focus on honesty and personal involvement, we seek asuccessful match meeting the requests of both the Employer and the Candidate.The importance of finding a right match for an open position not only involves matching a job description but also understanding company corporate culture and industry.
Identifying individual personality traits is equally important when matching Candidates with Employers and their teams. We strive to understand the soft aspects of each opening within a company, its career developments and the potentials for prospective Candidates.

We hope to guide both Employers and Candidates to find their match. Satisfied Employers make gratified employees and vice versa.