For Candidates 求職者様


Our Service For Candidates

assist Candidates in choosing the right career path.

Candidates are offered career counseling and are given sound advice on how to best proceed with their chosen careers and goals. We encourage Candidates to explore different options in the market and consistently update Candidates about current trends.
Our consultants understand that considering a new career challenge is not an easy process. We endeavor to communicate with Candidates long term and work toward finding suitable openings matching Candidates skills. We assist Candidates in choosing the right career path. Candidates are advised on how to best present their CVs and are given full interview preparation.

We follow up with placed Candidates to ensure that expectations are met. Our Candidates receive support from beginning to end.Our areas of expertise are in back office positions, such as Human Resources, Finance, SCM - operations and lastly administration.We also cater for sales positions in industries such as automotive, machinery, technology and chemicals.